• Infinity Snake Pendant with Sun and Moon -6318

Infinity Snake Pendant with Sun and Moon -6318

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This silver infinity snake pendant with sun and moon draws you in and reminds us all of the cycles of endless returns in life.  The infinity snake eating its own tail - speaks to the cyclic nature of the universe; that creation begins after destruction, and life springs forth from death. It is humanity's story and our place within it. A powerful symbol of endless return, the ouroboros gives us all hope. Carry this powerful charm in your jewelry collection as a reminder that life is a never-ending story.

We've inset a blazing sun and serene crescent moon into the infinity snake, because . . . why not?  It's simply stunning, witchy, and emphasizes the pull of the moon and the strength of our star.

Length includes a 5mm soldered jump ring.

mm - millimeters millimeters

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