• Armadillo Charm-6396
  • Armadillo Charm-6396
  • Armadillo Charm-6396

Armadillo Charm-6396

$ 23.00


This sterling silver armadillo charm will surely bring a smile to your customer's face. The scaly texture, ridged bony center, spiky tail, and alert ears are instantly recognizable as the one-of-a-kind armadillo. Just one look at this quirky critter reveals a universe with a sense of humor and endless creativity.

The armadillo, Spanish for "little armored one," is known for its armored shell. But did you know armadillos love to dig and burrow to find things underground? They have super-sensory detection abilities, moving well beyond vision!

Meditating on the armadillo will guide you to new research & investigations, provide spiritual epiphanies and insights, and reveal buried secrets. Put simply, the armadillo as a spirit animal can help you find stuff.

Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring.

mm - millimeters millimeters

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