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FeLV+ Cat Necklace-W51

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This round, reversible pendant features FeLV+ Cat and reads: FeLV+ Love does not shy away from impending loss. Love sees the spirit that transcends the frailty of the body and embraces each moment knowing that the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. ♥ design by Amy, Lupie & Linda

Positive Quotation Necklace, FeLV+ Cat, Inspirational Jewelry

{Material & Measurement}
Large Pendant: Sterling silver, 7/8-inch round, double-sided, HandMade in the USA
Chain: Choose your own length (Sterling silver, Made in Italy)

♥ Profits from this necklace goes to charity. 

Sponsors and Supporters, For more information please contact Ms Amy (akohlbecker@yahoo.com)

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