• Mushroom Pendant with Bronze Star and Moon-6437

Mushroom Pendant with Bronze Star and Moon-6437

$ 28.00


In this sterling silver mushroom pendant with bronze star and moon, we hope to transport you and your customers into a magical realm where fairies dance, witches, cast spells, and gnomes misbehave. 

In an oval frame, we set a nighttime scene where three little mushrooms stretch out toward the moon and stars, transforming dead matter into fertile soil. Mushrooms are nature's recyclers where old becomes new, and fairy tales' mischief-makers where good becomes naughty. For centuries the sudden eruption of circles of mushrooms from the soil led people to believe dark and terrible forces were at work. "Earthly vapors," lightning strikes, fiery tails of dragons, witches, and sorcerers have all been blamed.

This magical mushroom charm will make great gifts for all the avid readers, imaginative creatives, and mushroom enthusiasts in the world.

Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring.
mm - millimeters millimeters

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